We support and coordinate the open development of innovative computational models and simulations in engineering, design, and the sciences.   Our goal is to build a robust, inclusive, sustainable ecosystem for advanced, large-scale, parallel computing efforts.

We serve

  • Software and hardware developers
  • Academic and other research and advanced development communities
  • Businesses

We will provide

  • Project Team Infrastructure:  Tools and services for source code control, advanced development, debugging, testing, and both intra and inter-team collaboration and communication
  • Release Engineering:  Tools and services for producing frequent high-quality, easily retrieved, installed and configured project releases
  • Support:  Provide high-quality, low-cost support for all community members
  • IP management:   Open, transparent, management of intellectual property
  • Education, Instruction and Training:   Instruction and training in multiple forums…for example conferences, custom courses, formal and informal events, corporate education and training, etc.
  • Ecosystem Development and Promotion:   Support the development and promotion of commercial and academic applications, middleware, and infrastructure…along with associated tooling and services.