Registration Opens for Co-Design Project Review #6

The Department of Energy’s Fast Forward II (FF2) program funds several American Computer hardware manufacturers to “to further develop extreme scale supercomputer technology.”

Modelado is supporting Intel corporation for its 6th project meeting as part of FF2 and earlier related programs, FF1 and Xstack. This meeting brings together Intel researchers in extreme scale technologies with experts from the Department of Energy Laboratories to discuss program developments in the hardware design of an exascale machine, the runtime systems, software and tools and experiences in refactoring applications to these hardware and software architectures.

The meeting will feature three themes, 1) hands on joint work on programming applications, 2) a discussion of storage and memory hierarchy that leads to requirements for future work on the road to exascale and 3) status and updates on current progress.

The meeting will be held in Hillsboro, OR at Intel’s Jones Farm facility on March 29-31, 2015.

… Bill Feiereisen