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Sonia Sachs has requested site hosting be transferred from ET International to a new, independent, non-profit open source foundation called the Modelado Foundation [1]. The Modelado Foundation mission includes enabling and supporting open community development. As part of this community development, Modelado will provide hosting, wiki admin and support for the X-Stack community.

Editing and control of xstackwiki content remains as it has been...with X-Stack community authors retaining full ownership and copyrights for your content.

Wilf Pinfold presented "Community Questions" at the Runtime Summit on April 9, 2014. He and others discussed Modelado in more detail at the PI meeting in May'14 at MIT. Modelado Foundation administrative leadership will be provided by Eli Lamb and Scott Lewis. Scott will be taking on the xstackwiki administration and support. The goal is to make the transition absolutely seamless and invisible to the X-Stack community. During and after the transition, when necessary Scott and perhaps occasionally Eli will keep xstackwiki users informed via email notifications.

Sonia has asked for Jim Stone's help with overall site content, similar to the role he played for the September 2012 and March 2013 PI Meetings. contains pages for representing each of the public X-Stack websites that Sonia requested each participant to build and maintain. The respective PIs and their collaborators are responsible for maintaining these pages. While Jim works for Intel and directly supports the Traleika Glacier effort, his role here is to serve the interests of DOE and thus all participants.