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The Modelado Foundation was established as a response to the growing need for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the fields of advanced and distributed computing. Recognising the immense potential of these domains, the foundation sought to create an environment where industry, academia, and government could come together to tackle complex challenges and drive technological advancements.

Collaboration in Advanced Computing

One of the primary focuses of the Modelado Foundation is to provide a platform for collaboration in the field of advanced computing. By hosting collaborative projects, the foundation enables companies like Intel, IBM, nVidia, and others to work together on initiatives such as the DARPA High Performance Computing and Exascale Computing programs. Through these efforts, the foundation contributes to the development of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that push the boundaries of computing capabilities.

Smart City Technology

Under the banner of OpenCommons, the Modelado Foundation extends its collaborative endeavours to the realm of smart city technology. It has created an environment where industry, academia, and government can join forces to drive innovation in urban development. The foundation hosts the content of the Global Community Technology Challenge program, led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This program brings together a vast community of 506 active members from 166 organisations, working on 285 projects across 164 municipalities. By facilitating collaboration, the foundation aims to accelerate the implementation of smart city solutions, improving the quality of life for citizens around the world.

Neutral Platform for Collaboration

As a neutral platform, the Modelado Foundation plays a vital role in fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. It provides a space where companies, universities, and government agencies can exchange ideas, share resources, and pool their expertise. By bridging the gaps between these entities, the foundation facilitates the creation of innovative solutions that address complex challenges in computing and urban development.

Impact and Future Endeavors

Throughout its existence, the Modelado Foundation has made a significant impact on the fields of advanced computing and smart city technology. By bringing together leading industry players, academic institutions, and government entities, the foundation has facilitated breakthroughs in computing capabilities and the implementation of sustainable urban solutions. The collaborative projects hosted by the foundation have resulted in advancements that push the boundaries of what is possible in these domains.

Looking ahead, the Modelado Foundation remains committed to its mission of empowering collaboration and driving technological innovation. It will continue to provide a neutral platform for diverse stakeholders to come together, share knowledge, and work towards common goals. By fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of ideas, the foundation will contribute to the development of advanced computing technologies and the creation of smarter, more sustainable cities for the benefit of society as a whole.