04/09/2014 Runtime Systems Summit

From Modelado Foundation

Meeting Information

When: April 9, 2014

Where: American Geophysical Union 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington D.C. 20009

Registration: You will receive an e-mail with the registration information if you are invited to the meeting.

Meeting Description


Meeting Report


    • Bi-monthly calls with summit participants.
    • Report completed Jan, 2015
    • Edited by Milind Kulkarni, Purdue, submitted for review on March, 2015
    • Reviewed by ASCR Research. Revised version requested on August, 2015
    • Revised version by Vivek Sardar and Zoran Budimlic submitted for review on April, 2016
    • Reviewed by ASCR Research and approved for publication on September, 2016.